Our company turned to Fred when we were in a very rapid growth trajectory and needed a seasoned CFO but were not able to bring someone of his caliber in full-time.
We have come to lean on Fred for his ability to help us navigate through the challenges of growing a business, helping us refine strategy and business plans, also bringing valuable insights into staffing, organizations, people, and budgets.

There were many times Fred counseled us on matters beyond financial and we have come to depend on him for his astute insights and sound advice.
We are fortunate to have Fred consulting us with us for the past 2 ½ years.

Our expertise concentrates on what we consider three pivotal platforms to Value Generation: Finance Management, Corporate Planning, and Building Infrastructure.

Finance Management
  • Business Plan and Development
  • Financial Projections
  • Annual Budgets
  • Assistance in Raising Capital
  • Monthly Reporting and Financial Analysis
  • Benchmarking Performance
Corporate Planning
  • Executive Guidance for Superior Performance
  • Corporate Structure & Governance
  • Market Strategy and Plans
  • Merger and Acquisition Planning
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Liquidity Event Planning (short and long-term)
Building Infrastructure
  • Help to Structure Financial Management and Accounting Functions
  • Help to Establish a Robust Legal Function.
  • IT Infrastructure Development and Software Selection and Acquisition.
  • Help to Establish a Human Resources Plan
  • Assessment of Competitive Market Structure


Fred R Binstock & Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in Building Enterprise Value.

Fred R Binstock & Associates was established in 2012 by Fred Binstock, CPA, a nationally recognized expert on growing ventures to excellence and success. We help Companies Grow, Scale up Performance, and Multiply Value. We also assist companies with Exit Strategies, assuring that shareholders have full realization of Value Creation.


We have, over more than 30 years, been helping a wide number of Companies build the necessary capabilities and competencies to necessary to significantly Build Enterprise Value achieve long term goals.

We are proud to have significantly contributed shareholders fully benefiting from that value creation.

We serve as a conglomerate of talent.
Under Fred Binstock´s leadership, our associates, who are outstanding and tested professionals in critical competencies, are able to transplant that expertise to client’s operation in an efficient and timely manner .

We help Clients scale-up performance at cost.
Projects are client tailored, fully synchronized with the venture´s “momentum” and growth stage.
As part of our commitment we can provide outsourced CFO and COO consulting services.
We are proud to help client’s grow their enterprises from their early stages or already benefiting from growth.